We encourage comments on the Rose Medical Center blog, however Rose Medical retains the right to moderate all comments received. Your comment will be deleted if it:
1. Contains profanity
2. Is selling or promoting a commercial product
3. Is spam
4. Contains material that is unlawful, hateful, threatening, harassing, abusive or slanderous
5. Contains Private Health Information or other confidential information
6. Is off-topic, or doesn’t pertain to the audience of the page (in which case we will inform you of why your post was deleted)

We ask that you treat others with respects when engaging in these forums, even if there is a disagreement. Also remember that these are public forums and any information you share will be accessible to others. Consider this carefully before posting detailed personal medical information.

You should not rely solely on any opinions or advice discussed in this site and should consult your physician in all matters relating to your health.

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