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Rose patient celebrates 25 years in cardiac rehab program

In 1989, Harold Grueskin was the victim of a heart attack. Though his condition did not require surgery, he knew how important it was to make his health a priority. In April of that year, he began cardiac rehabilitation at … Continue reading

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Heart Health and Rose Rapid Heart Care at Lowry

Did you know that heart attacks and heart disease are the leading cause of death in the United States? Although treatments have continually improved, it’s still essential to recognize the warning signs and preventive measures we can take for our … Continue reading

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Rose Medical Center employees participate in Denver Heart Walk

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for people in America, but the American Heart Association wants to change that. Every year, the AHA holds Heart Walks around the country to raise awareness about heart disease and promote a healthy … Continue reading

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Rapid Response: Cardiac Alert and Heart Attacks

If you are having a heart attack, every second is important for survival. For each minute that the heart is deprived of blood and oxygen, more muscle tissue dies. In fact, about 1.5 million heart attacks occur yearly in the … Continue reading

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