Part 4: My Gastric Bypass Journey

By Marie Silverstein

Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of Marie’s story.

I am now 12 weeks post-op, and have lost 60 pounds!  I weigh 181, started at 241. My BMI is now UNDER 30 (started at 40), and I am wearing size 12 jeans and dresses (started at 20-22)!!!  I am shopping in normal stores, I feel amazing, and I look better than I have in over 20 years.  One of the things that is really mind-blowing to me is that the last time I wore a size 12, I was in the high 160s….so all of the training that I am doing for my races is clearly paying off in inches off my body! 

So the training – I am so blessed to be a part of the Overweight to Endurance Athletes group that Richard Kalasky (he is also a bariatric patient of Dr. Snyder’s. You can read about his story here.)  put together to give back to the community that helped him lose so much, and he is now a triathlete!  

Running group (Marie, second from right)

We are running the Colfax Marathon Relay on May 20th with 2 teams, and I am also running in a few other 5Ks.  I run 3-4 days per week – about a 5K each run (3.2. miles, never less, sometimes more), and weight train 2 days a week as well.  I do not currently have a huge desire to run a marathon, but I am eyeing doing a half marathon by the end of the year.

I seem to have FINALLY gotten my nutrition under control.  I was not keeping anything down after my 6 week check up. So I went back to liquid only for a week, and then started adding foods back in.  That seems to have re-booted my system as I am now down to just one protein shake per day and am chewing the rest of my food.  My stomach pouch is still quite tiny – maybe 1.5 oz, so I am working on getting it a bit larger.  We also had to add carbs to my diet because of the training and that has really helped, along with an electrolyte drink when I train and energy gels that are full of carbs.  I was just so weak prior to getting this all worked out when I was training that it became a huge issue.

I had my annual business conference at the end of April in Las Vegas, and it was my 7th time attending the event.  I had always been the fat girl in the room….and I am SO excited to go that I got to go with my new cute clothes, cocktails dresses and new attitude!  I also got a new haircut as well.  Right before the trip, I did an organic spray tan, lots of waxing and mani/pedi….things I mostly did not bother with in years past because I just wanted to blend into the woodwork.  I looked and felt AWESOME!!

Marie, in Las Vegas

I love the new sassy, confident and strong woman who is emerging from underneath the weight of the shedding pounds, the evaporating medical co-morbidities and my emotional health!!!  I intend to keep her around for the rest of my LONGER and BETTER life!

Marie had her gastric bypass surgery in January of 2012. You can read more of her story on her blog, My Gastric Bypass Journey  and she will be guest blogging for Rose Knows Health with updates of her progress.

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One Response to Part 4: My Gastric Bypass Journey

  1. amysabado says:

    Hi Marie
    Just wanted to share that I had the same thing happen to me at week 4. I could barely walk to the bathroom I was so weak. It turned out I was reacting to artificial sweeteners. As soon as I cut those out I was fine. Everything stayed down. Feel free to follow me. My blog will be devoted to surviving WLS. Good Luck!

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