Part 3: UPDATE- My Gastric Bypass Journey

By Marie Silverstein 

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of Marie’s story.


It’s been about two months since I updated my journey for all of you, and it’s been quite an adventure!  

My 6 week post-op check-up and class went great.  At that point, I was officially down 40 pounds.  I had just run my first 7K (well, walked/jogged my first 7K), I felt great, and I could start eating more “normal” food (my new normal, not what everyone else can eat). 

Because of my strictures, my pouch was still really tiny, so a meal for me was still about an ounce of food.  I had to chew it like crazy, and I could no longer drink when I ate; I had to wait until an hour afterwards.  I struggled a bit with getting in enough protein as a result, but that will get better with time.  I have to eat every 3 hours, which is hard because I’m never hungry! 

I’ve donated 10 garbage bags of clothes, and I no longer own anything from my pre-surgery days.  

I have LOADS of energy, and am sleeping better that I have in 20 years, maybe longer.  I no longer snore, and I don’t get up all the time during the night. 

Before the surgery, I suffered from depression, hypertension, pre-diabetes, sleeping issues, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Now my depression, hypertension and pre-diabetes are all gone, and the asthma and arthritis no longer require daily meds.

I am training daily for the Colfax Marathon Relay with my team, and taking lots of walks with my dog and my husband. And my business (I am a Regional VP with Arbonne) is BOOMING!  My renewed self-confidence is attracting people to me and my business, and I truly believe that is due to the fact that I now believe in myself.   

A small part of me really wishes I had done this sooner – yet I know that I was not ready for whatever reason before now.  I am so grateful that I did make this HUGE change, and for all the people in my life that are so supportive.   

Here are photos from the night before my surgery on January 26, and a few progress pictures taken 2 months post-op. 

Starting weight: 241lbs/BMI of 40.

Marie, before gastric bypass

Weight at progress photos:  187lbs/BMI of 31.5.   Weight loss of 54lbs, halfway to goal of 135 (surgeon’s goal is 150 or BMI of 25).

Marie, 9 weeks after gastric bypass









Marie had her gastric bypass surgery in January of 2012. You can read more of her story on her blog, My Gastric Bypass Journey  and she will be guest blogging for Rose Knows Health with updates of her progress.

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