Why I chose Rose

by Kristel Acevedo

My husband and I were spending our last night in our apartment in North Carolina when we found out I was pregnant. We were heading out the next day to spend the holidays with family in Florida and after that we would be on our way to our new home in Denver, CO. There we were, standing in our empty apartment with a test in my hand that clearly indicated, “Pregnant.”

There was so much uncertainty at that point, but one thing we knew for sure, we wanted a positive pregnancy and childbirth experience free from unnecessary medical interventions. We had seen “The Business of Being Born” and wanted to find a birthing team geared towards unmedicated childbirth. We both see pregnancy as a normal part of life and know that women were created to bear children, we wanted a birthing team that would support us in these ideas and philosophies.

Kristel and her husband

As soon as we got settled in Denver I began my search for a birthing team. I decided that I would go with a midwife practice rather than an OB practice. I am thankful for doctors that are skilled in obstetrics and are specially trained to act in an emergency situation, but I knew that if my pregnancy was low-risk that a midwife would be a better choice for me. I felt that a midwife would not push me to take an epidural or make me feel like I was crazy for attempting an unmedicated birth. A midwife would support me in my decisions and allow my body to just do what it was made to do. I found Rose Midwifery and scheduled an appointment around the tenth week of my pregnancy. I instantly fell in love with this practice.

At this point, 38 weeks pregnant, I have met almost all of the midwives and they have all helped me to feel empowered during my pregnancy. They are all incredibly kind, supportive, and full of wisdom and great advice. I can tell that they are fully behind me and want my husband and I to be as prepared as possible for the birth of our child.

I have also been very happy with Rose. My husband and I have toured the hospital twice and have had the opportunity to ask questions about what labor and delivery is like here. I love that there is a hot tub available in every room. I love that they allow the women to walk around the halls to help labor along. I love that they have birthing balls and squat bars available for use. I love how supportive they are of women choosing unmedicated childbirth because some hospitals are not. I also love that if anything goes wrong they are prepared to handle an emergency situation. I am really looking forward to giving birth at Rose Medical Center with the Rose Midwives.

I’ll be back when our baby boy is born to let you know how it all went. Hopefully it won’t be too long from now!

Kristel Acevedo is a native Miamian now living in Denver, CO with her husband, Alex, and their adorable schnauzer, Jaxon. They are expecting their first child, a boy named Liam, any day now. You can follow their story at her personal blog: www.glowinglightblog.com 

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3 Responses to Why I chose Rose

  1. Megan says:

    As an RN and as a personal friend to Kristel, I am very thankful that she has found Rose and has found them to be empowering for her and her pregnancy. I know that this is very important to her.

  2. lynne wagner says:

    Dear Kristel, what a lovely note! this is such an exciting time for you, Alex, Liam, and Jaxon. Thank you for honoring us by choosing to deliver at Rose. Best Wishes to you and your family, Lynne Wagner, Chief Nursing Officer, Rose medical Center

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