Aubrey’s Story: How one girl gave back to the Rose ER

Aubrey Decker’s parents call her the “Queen of the Monkey Bars,” because of her love of and skill on the playground. But one day last spring, the monkey bars got the best of Aubrey, and she fell and broke her arm.

Her parents brought her to the Rose Medical Center Emergency Department, as Rose is the family’s hospital of choice. (Both Aubrey and her younger brother are Rose Babies.)

Aubrey, despite the traumatic experience of breaking an arm, enjoyed meeting the people at the Rose ED and talked afterwards about how nice everyone had been. She wanted to do something to give back to the Rose ED, and decided to open a lemonade stand on National Lemonade Day and donate her proceeds to Rose.

National Lemonade Day (This year it happened on May 22) is a day dedicated to teaching kids entrepreneurship and the importance of community service. Kids are encouraged to open a lemonade stand for a day and donate the money raised to a cause they cared about.

With her lemonade stand, Aubrey raised $32 and promised half of it to the Rose ED. With the $16, she purchased several books of stickers to donate, which will be given to other pediatric patients that come to the Rose ED, helping them get through a tough experience like Aubrey did.

“Whatever Aubrey’s parents did to raise such an incredibly thoughtful and giving young girl, they should be commended for it,” said Dr. Brian Dorotik, the Rose Pediatric ED physician who was Aubrey’s caregiver. “This is just ridiculously great, and she has made the ED an even more welcoming place for our pediatric patients with this gift.”

“Several months later, Aubrey still talks about Rose, and the people here,” said Raleigh Decker, Aubrey’s mom. “She was so excited to do this project and give back to the people that fixed her arm. And she’s already making plans for what she’ll do to help others with the proceeds from her next lemonade stand!”

Rose Medical Center would like to recognize and thank Aubrey for her hard work and kindness! Aubrey stopped by the ED to present the staff with her donation (and also enjoy some cupcakes).

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One Response to Aubrey’s Story: How one girl gave back to the Rose ER

  1. lemonadeday says:

    We are so proud of Aubrey! Thank you for sharing one of our entrepreneurs’ stories. Can’t wait to hear about her next Lemonade Day adventure.

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