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Aubrey’s Story: How one girl gave back to the Rose ER

Aubrey Decker’s parents call her the “Queen of the Monkey Bars,” because of her love of and skill on the playground. But one day last spring, the monkey bars got the best of Aubrey, and she fell and broke her … Continue reading

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Rose Medical Center employees participate in Denver Heart Walk

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for people in America, but the American Heart Association wants to change that. Every year, the AHA holds Heart Walks around the country to raise awareness about heart disease and promote a healthy … Continue reading

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10 First Aid Mistakes to Avoid With Your Children

You hear a crash and a yell from the other room. As you rush over, you see your child on the floor grabbing his or her arm. Your adrenaline starts flowing, but do you know what you should do in a … Continue reading

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Surviving Well: Tom, esophageal cancer

At 81 years old, Tom Breen has led a full life. He and his wife  have been married for 56 years and have children and grandchildren scattered all over the country.  Four years ago, during a screening for Tom’s chronic … Continue reading

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Staying Active with Chronic Musculoskeletal Problems

by Dr. Yani C. Zinis, D.O. “Bodies in motion, stay in motion”–The age old physics algorithm first discovered by Sir Isaac Newton has very appropriate applications for our everyday lives as we all attempt to “age gracefully”.  As a physician … Continue reading

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