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  Dr. Johnny Johnson, Ana Weir, and Al Kubala were recently awarded the Rose Medical Center 2010 Frist Humanitarian Award for physicians, employees and volunteers respectively. These three employees will now be eligible for the nationwide 2010 Frist Humanitarian Award, … Continue reading

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April 16 is National Healthcare Decision Day

Imagine that something happened to you tomorrow, and that you ended up in the hospital, unable to speak for yourself. If that was to happen, is there anyone that would know what healthcare treatments you would and wouldn’t want?  For … Continue reading

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Surviving Well: Gaby, Acute Granulocytic Leukemia Survivior

Gabrielle was 18 years old when she found out she had acute granulocytic leukemia. “I had been getting a lot of bruises and red dots all over my body for no reason, so I went to the doctor for a physical,” … Continue reading

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